William, D.

To anyone thinking of using Marquee Sales,know in using the service myself i found David Johnson of Marquee Sales to deliver what was expected an more. Our goal in having a sale was not an end of life total estate liquidation or a downsizing to move into adult care, but to sell of a collection of our life and to explore changing out interior living space.

Coming from a hodgepodge of furniture and many years of collecting things. In hopes of raising enough cash to buy new furniture and switch things up to make a better life for ourselves.

With his help we not only sold most of of what was expected but more. The remainder we split up to a few charities and some of the things we ended up re-purposing in our home. It’s never easy to open your home, much less , to hundreds of strangers. Great care was brought into removing hazards and closing off parts of the house with what we wanted to keep.Coffee and cookies seemed to bring smiles to the folks that would be buying our years of things all priced and placed lovely in the home that by the end looked much like a store front on a high end blvd and not our little house looking at changing things up.

We have done garage sales in the past to get rid of things we no longer used. The difference from doing a garage sale ourselves to hiring Marquee sales was much like night and day. We have never seen such a return in what we have spent on things to what we got for our items during the estate sale.He was very hard working and took the time care regarding our things as if they were his own. He researched to make sure he knew all he could about what he was selling in our treasures. In closing, we would definitely use his service again and would and will refer him to others. He will be doing a sale sometime in the near future for close friends of ours.

William D
City of Tonawanda


The Wiegert Family

We hired Marquee Sales to liquidate my father’s apartment. It was a small sale that no one wanted to do but Dave came through. The sale Proceeds were right in line with what he estimated. Dave did a great job managing the entire process from prep, sale, final clean out and sending us pictures.

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Gloria Robinson

To Whom It May Concern,
I Gloria Robinson used the services of David Johnson of Marquee Sales & Estate Liquidation. I can truly say that due to his professionalism and honest handling of my Aunts estate the process went extremely well. I would highly recommend his services.

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Dear David, The service provided by Marquee Sales and Estate Liquidation could not have been more efficient and worthwhile.When my husband unexpectedly passed,I was left with the heavily burdened job of emptying the house. A friend referred you to me and I was so pleased.

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